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1. Has complete teaching equipments

Has complete teaching equipments

In addition to the general classrooms, the department currently has a catering service classroom, a Chinese and Western food cooking classroom, a baking classroom and a special laboratory for catering practice, providing "Chinese & Western Practical Culinary", "Dessert Making", "Hospitality Service" and "Beverages Modulation" ” and other courses for students to use in practical operation.

In addition, the department has a intern hotel and trainee restaurant. The intern hotel is located on the sixth and seventh floors of the school's R&D building, with a total of 48 rooms (four VIP rooms). ;

The internship restaurant is located on the ground floor of the R&D building of the school, with a total of more than 60 seats (20 VIP independent spaces). Students can practice purchasing, marketing, service, cooking, accounting and other matters in the school, and get more Hands-on work experience. The food and beverage teaching environment of this department is a well-equipped and large-scale department of hospitality management in ordinary universities.


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