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Wei-Jaw Deng, Professor(Associate Dean of College of Tourism, Chair of Dept. of Hospitality Management)
Education: PhD in Industrial Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington

Research Interests: Service Quality Management, Tourism Survey Investigation, Service Industry Management

E-Mail: simond@chu.edu.tw
Office: R&D Building, Room I425
Hsiu-Yuan Wang, Professor
Education: Ph.D. in Business Education, National Changhua University of Education
Research Interests: Information Technology & Tourism/Travel, Mobile Technology & Hospitality Related Industry, Human Resource for Hospitality Businesses, Hotel Front Desk Management, Tourism and Hospitality English
E-Mail: hywang@chu.edu.tw
Office: R&D Building, Room I420
Yao-Ling Chen, Associate Professor

Education: PhD in Seafood Science, National Taiwan Ocean University

Research Interests:Food Processing Technology, Catering Product Development and Design, HACCP, Catering Hygiene and Safety, Pastry Baking, Dessert Making

E-Mail: ylchen@chu.edu.tw
Office: R&D Building, Room I421
Chi Lo, Associate Professor

Education: Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Research Interests: Applied Statistics, Marketing Survey, Big Data Analysis, Hotel Management

E-Mail: chilo@chu.edu.tw
Office: R&D Building, Room I412
Aihua Tseng, Associate Professor

Education: Ph.D. in Department of Management Science, National Chiao Tung University

Research Interests: Consumer Psychology, Marketing, Online Marketing, Hospitality Marketing

E-Mail: esther07@chu.edu.tw
Office: R&D Building, Room I410
Shu-Li Chen, Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D. in Food Science, National Chung Hsing University
Research Interests: Catering Service Quality Management, Catering Hygiene and Safety, Conference Event Management, Exhibition Event Management
E-Mail: lily@chu.edu.tw
Office: R&D Building, Room I423
Lei Pei, Assistant Professor

Education: Master in Hospitality Management Florida International University
Research Interests: Food and Beverage Management, Hotel management, Tourism English, Hospitality English, Hotel Housekeeping Mangement, Hotel Front Office Management

E-Mail: lpei@chu.edu.tw
Office: R&D Building, Room I415
Yahui Shih, Assistant Professor

Education: PhD in Hospitality Management, Texas Tech University

Research interests: Hospitality Management, Hospitality Marketing, Hospitality Cost Management, Creativity Tourism

E-Mail: yahuishih@chu.edu.tw
Offuce: R&D Building, Room I418
Zi-Jie Wang, Assistant Professor

Education: Master in Information Management, Yu-Da University of Technology

Research interests: Western Cooking, Exotic Cuisine, Creative Cuisine, Chinese Cooking

E-Mail: jaywang@chu.edu.tw
Offuce: R&D Building, Room I417